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leisure grass

  • FH-005-DG



Artificial grass is similar to natural grass of low friction,which is applicable to community greening

.swimming pool,common leisure greening and home decoration.

. Higher simulation,which is cozy for your foot . Soft and elastic.

. High wear resistance,good skid resistance and no fading.

. To pave and maintain.

. The grass is flat.with high temperature resistantance and good cold resistance.

The grass does not deform and crack.

. High wear resistance and long service life.

Technical Data

Model FH-005-DG

Roll width                                                                   1m,2m,4m

Roll length                                                                      25m

Pile height                                                                     10mm

Roll weight 1.3kg/m2

Color                                                                              green

Stitch rate 24stitches/10cm

Yarn DTEX 2200/m2

Gauge                                                                         3/16 inch

Primary backing PP fabric

Secondary backing                                                    Latex(SBR)

Warranty 3-5years

Application roof\door mat\balcony\show room

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