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Fire blanket

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Fire blanketFire blanket

Fire blanket

The Fire Blanket are used in factory.market. ship,car and home etc. it is Simple tools to use at flame beginning.

in the evert of a fire,the fire blanket will be covered in the body or wrapped to save the body of the object.quickly escape from the fire, far self-help or safe evacualian crowd provides a good help.Can be used to put out the fire or put on the cover to escape.

In the case of no damage can be reused, compared with vrater-based.dry powder fire extinguisher:

1. No expiratian date

2.After use will not produce two poltution

3-.Easy to carnC simple configuration.can be used quickly, no damage can be reused_ Non flammable.high temperature SSO-1100'C ).soft texture,  smooth. compact, anal does not stimuJate the skin.

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